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Here’s a straight to it kind of video’s i highly recommend watching, it clearly shows, conclusively i might add; over-reactive limbic system + under-reactive cognitive system = depression and anxiety, i.e. constant states of emotional irregulation, it makes sense if you think about it, anxiety is caused by a trigger response to something the agent is immediately exposed to, for example; hearing a word, seeing a number or a pattern, even something as a distinct smell. Realistically, it wouldn’t be logical to experience a high level of anxiety, something inside the brain is effectively over estimating the threat level of the trigger, and raise a higher alarm than reasonable.

I hope these games become available soon. I’ll keep my eye out!

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Teachers demand training in neuroscience to improve classroom practice - Education - TES News


Last year I remember talking about how I believe neuroscience is going to create a revolution in just about every aspect of life, life as we live in is an expression of human nature, and neuro(science) is where the wisdom to understand our nature can be found. I am not surprised at all to see this, if anything it’s happening much faster than I thought. 

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